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Fair Housing Act (Federal)

(discrimination; assistance animals) (applies to all associations)


Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA)

(applies to "55 & older" communities) (allows a 55 & older community to have restrictions that would otherwise be discriminatory)


Over the Air Reception Devices (OTARD)

(satellite dishes) (applies to all associations)

Updated May 11, 2018. Utah statutes current through 2018 general session.

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    Happy Laws Go Into Effect Day! (okay, I’m sure there’s a better name for that).  Today, May 8, the HOA laws that were enacted this year go into effect.  Specifically, those laws: include an amendment to the law regarding HOA records, include an amendment to the law regarding HOA reserve fund money, regulate how HOAs […]
  • 2017 Utah Legislative Session – HOA/Developer Issues
    HOAs have not come out unscathed by the 2017 Utah general legislative session, which ended yesterday, March 9.  A new law was passed that requires an HOA to comply with rather onerous requirements before it may go after the developer for problems created by the developer. House Bill 157 (HB 157 3rd Substitute) was passed stating that: […]
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    By Curtis G. Kimble. Continuing our summary of the new laws affecting HOAs in 2015, effective July 1, 2015, both the Utah Condominium Ownership Act and the Utah Community Association Act require board meetings to be open to each homeowner (or homeowner’s designated representative). Open Meetings; Exception. Utah Code 57-8-57 (for condos) and 57-8a-226 (for non-condo […]

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