57-8a-101. Title

This chapterfn1 is known as the "Community Association Act."

Enacted by Chapter 153, 2004 General Session

Footnotes (by Kimble Law PLLC, not part of Utah Code):

FN 1: What is a "chapter"?  The Utah Code is divided into titles, chapters, parts (sometime), sections and subsections. This is section 57-8a-101. The first number before the first hyphen indicates the title (Title 57 in this case).  The second number indicates the chapter (Chapter 8a in this case). The third number is the section (in this case, 101).  If a chapter is divided into parts, the first number of that third number is the part.  So, this section, 57-8a-101, is located in Part 1 of Chapter 8a of Title 57.  

This section is specifying that Chapter 8a of Title 57 of the Utah Code is known as the Community Association Act.


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