Index of Terms (non-exhaustive)

developer duties -condo

Some of the following statutes include duties that are not developer duties, per se, but association duties during the time a developer usually appoints the board of an association.

See also Developer duties -generally.

This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of developer duties.  Always consult an attorney for advice applicable to a specific situation.  

57-8-10. Contents of declaration
57-8-12. Recording
57-8-13. Condominium plat to be recorded
57-8-13.1. Registration with Department of Commerce
57-8-13.10. Condominiums containing convertible land - Expandable condominiums - Allocation of interests in common areas and facilities
57-8-13.14. Easement rights - Sales offices and model units - Damage to property
57-8-13.2. Conversion of convertible land -- Amendment to declaration -- Limitations
57-8-13.4. Conversion of convertible space -- Amendment to declaration -- Limitations
57-8-13.6. Expansion of project
57-8-13.8. Contraction of project
57-8-15. Bylaws
57-8-16.5. Appointment and removal of committee members and association officers -- Renewal or ratification of contracts -- Failure to establish association or committee
57-8-17. Records - Availability for examination
57-8-24. Common profits, common expenses, and voting rights - Unit - Unconstructed Unit
57-8-43. Insurance
57-8-57. Management committee meetings -- Open meetings
57-8-60. Administration of funds
57-8-7. Common areas and facilities
57-8-7.5. Reserve analysis -- Reserve fund