16-6a-818. Officers

(1) (a) A nonprofit corporation shall have the officers designated:
            (i) in its bylaws; or
            (ii) by the board of directors in a manner not inconsistent with the bylaws.
     (b) An officer shall be:
            (i) a natural person; and
            (ii) 18 years of age or older.
     (c) An officer need not be a director or a member of the nonprofit corporation, unless the bylaws so prescribe.

(2) (a) An officer may be appointed by the board of directors or in such other manner as the board of directors or bylaws may provide.
     (b) An appointed officer may appoint one or more officers or assistant officers if authorized by:
            (i) the bylaws; or
            (ii) the board of directors.

(3) The bylaws or the board of directors shall delegate to the secretary or to one or more other persons responsibility for:
     (a) the preparation and maintenance of:
            (i) minutes of the directors' and members' meetings; and
            (ii) other records and information required to be kept by the nonprofit corporation under Section 16-6a-1601; and
     (b) authenticatingfn1 records of the nonprofit corporation.

(4) The same individual may simultaneously hold more than one office in a nonprofit corporation. 

Enacted by Chapter 300, 2000 General Session

FN1  Authenticate in this context most likely means to establish authorship and origin by signing. (See Utah Code Section 68-3-12.5(27) "Signature").

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